In short I graduated from the University of Reading with a first-class degree in Typography, I work at Fueled and as a freelance frontend developer, and in my spare time I’m in triathlon training, watching Spurs, or playing with LEGO.

Oh, and you won’t find any of that “I’m 95% Photoshop, 85% HTML” bollocks on here. I use the right tools for the right jobs, and do it very well. On the few occassions where I’m unfamiliar or inexperienced with some aspect of a project, I’ll work overtime to bring myself up to speed on it.



I am an experience focused frontend developer, with a first-class degree in design – this combination means people are able to rely on me to execute their designs as fully-fledged websites.


I write clean, accessible and semantic code as standard, with an excellent working knowledge of HTML, Scss-flavoured CSS, and Javascript. I suppliment this with standard frontent processes like Gulp and Bower. At Fueled I regularly work with Ruby on Rails, Angular, and Django which gives me a wide knowledge of front and backend languages across multiple stacks. I am a fast learner, and push myself to improve my skillset wherever possible, so chances are I’ve already added more to this list by the time you’re reading it!


I pride myself on my ability to communicate effectively within teams and directly to clients. Presenting ideas clearly and fluently is as important as the idea itself, and being confident in doing so is something I do very well.


Fueled July 2014–

Senior Frontend Developer, Frontend Developer, Web designer

My (still on-going) time at Fueled has given me the chance to work with well-known brands like Vanity Fair, Condé Nast, and The ONE Group – each providing a different set of challenges. I’ve also with smaller start-up companies, with a greater amount of creative control.

The tail end of 2015 saw me focusing a lot more on front end development, which came with a job title change, and a shift in responsibilities as we looked to grow the front end team.

In January 2017 I was promoted to Senior Frontend Developer – taking on further responsibilities within my team, and leading the drive in further-improving our standards and ethos.

University of Reading 2013–2014

Digital designer

After completing my degree, I was trilled to stay at the University; joining the Digital Development team I lead the project to rebuild the University’s corporate site as new, responsive pages aimed at increasing admissions, and reducing the path to vital information.

Freelance 2010–

Frontend developer and web designer

Working from everything from YouTube personalities to up-and-coming bands; from sports blogs to private dental surgeries and more, I’ve used freelance gigs as a way to push me both creatively and technically.

I’ve the majority of my projects listed in my projects, so feel free to head over there and check them out.


University of Reading 2010–13

BA Graphic Communication & Typography, First-class honours

My time at the University of Reading has helped me hone my design skills both in print, and digitally; and underlined my desire to go into the world of web design and development.

Working with real clients on live projects throughout the course provided hands-on experience in delivering projects on time, and within budget.

It also gave me the opportunities to explore other disciplines like typeface design that helped broaden my skillset and knowledge base.

Dame Alice Owen’s School 2003–10

BBB A-level; 11 GCSEs – 6A*, 4A, 1B

DAOs provided the perfect environment to push me academically; I received letters of commendation from two examination boards for achieiving results within the top 1% in both Italian and Art at GCSE.

A competetive school like Owen’s offered lots of opportunities to represent them, and I did my best to do that as often as possible; playing football, basketball, and running track among other disciplines.

In my own time

Training and fundraising

Depending on when you’re reading this, and how recently I’ve updated this I’m either training for or have competed in Tough Mudder, a series of runs, and several Triathlons; all of which are efforts to fundraise for Macmillan. You can check my progress or donate here.


LEGO formed a huge part of my childhood, and I still love switching off and engaging my inner master builder. There’s nothing quite like instructionless creativity.