Now and then

What I’m up to

With the new site I thought it would be a good time to implement a page with a bit of insight into what I’m up to in life and work.

2020 That year that March was ten months long…  Jump to heading

Winter  Jump to heading

In life I was celebrating Christmas for the first time in a flat that I own, and skiing with my family in Andorra.

At work I was leveraging Gatsby and Contentful at Fueled to build a new site for ServiceLink.

I was listening to Rose Club.

Spring  Jump to heading

In life I was putting my PADI scuba diving OW qualification into practice in Costa Rica!

At work I was finishing up a new homepage experience for visitors to

I was listening to Hoodies All Summer, Kano.

Summer  Jump to heading

In life I was discovering trail running, but sadly not on the start line for Ironman UK amid global race cancellations due to Covid‑19.

At work I was building web experiences at Fueled for Tony Robbins’ Robbins Research Institute.

I was listening to Think About Things, Daði Freyr.

Autumn  Jump to heading

In life I am learning on the job what it means to be a pug dad with my fawn puppy named Frankie.

At work I am refining and iterating on the RRI project through user testing on an alpha build.

I am listening to Twenty Thousand Hertz.

This is a highlight reel! Please keep in mind that this is likely to look like a series of life’s high points. As I wrote about in my journal, life won’t always be kind or easy; it’s important that we don’t take these at face value and assume that all is always as swell as it seems on the surface.