A curriculum vitae of sorts

A collection of internet contributions.

Get to know Rob

The elevator pitch

Nice to meet you, I’m Rob! I’m a frontend developer from London with an agency background, known for creating digital experiences and web apps for enterprise clients, start-ups, and everyone in between.

With a first-class degree in design and typography, I am particularly well suited to UI development where I can focus on consistency and a strong UX. Understanding design allows me to collaborate confidently with designers to create a best product possible.

I have management and mentoring experience, and take pride in always looking to support others around me while also learning, and improving my own knowledge.


A developer’s toolbelt requires continued maintenance, so I aim to stay abreast of changes in the industry and keep learning to be able to provide the most solutions most suited to the problem at hand.

Below are a few that I use currently, but it should be viewed fluidly with the understanding that with the a strong grasp of the fundamentals, new frameworks or techniques are picked up quickly.

Core web languages
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
JS frameworks
Vue, React
Build tools
Webpack, Sass, PostCSS, Babel, Gulp
Eleventy, Gatsby
CI/CD & collaboration
Git, Netlify, Travis CINPM
Sketch, Adobe CC, JIRA, Linear

Employment & life experiences


In the six years at Fueled my role has evolved a lot. After joining as a web designer, I transitioned into a UI-focused developer, took on management responsibilities, and was instrumental in forming a web department. Most recently I have moved into a maker role, centered around delivering the best solutions for our clients’ problems.

I’ve worked on high-profile projects like Apple where we built a gamified knowledge center to better inform employees when selling new devices; and bringing successful life-coaching to the web for Tony Robbins’ Robbins Research Institute. Other clients include Vanity Fair, Pinterest, ServiceLink, and Omstars.

Since joining – and with particular focus in the last few years – I have led the development on all things fueled.com. In 2018 we tore everything down and set about building a component library in line with the new brand direction. Part of the challenge was convincing stakeholders of behind-the-scenes changes for a more stable code base including publishing it as a private NPM package for better consumption across multiple repositories.

  •  Lead Frontend Engineer II
  •  Lead Frontend Engineer I
  •  Senior Frontend Developer
  •  Frontend Developer
  •  Web Designer

University of Reading

Throughout my degree I worked closely with the in-house design team, and upon graduating was offered a full-time role as the new digital designer tasked with overhauling the core information pages on reading.ac.uk.

With a bit of project scope creep, I ended up being the sole designer and developer associated with a complete redesign and redevelopment of the main university pages with the aim of attracting prospective students and improving current student experience.

The templates built in 2013 have stood the test of time are still used on parts of the such as the library pages.

  •  Digital Designer

Freelance design and development

While at university and since, I have taken on select freelance projects to finance my bike obsession! I’ve built agency web presences for Kickpush, rebranded sports personalities like Hotspur Related, and – for a while – ran a successful channel on YouTube centered around designing brand identities for famous content creators like KSI. There are also fun side projects – like my dad’s pizza recipe birthday microsite and a LEGO naming pointer – in the list below:

Outside of work

A balanced life is important, and while I enjoy testing new develpment techniques in my evenings on occasion, you’re more likely to find me outside on my bike or running – I’ve been participating in triathlon since 2015. If you’re interested, you can delve a little deeper into who I am aside from being a developer.

Higher education

In 2013 I graduated with a first-class honours in Typography & Graphic Communication (BA) from University of Reading, UK.

A few extras

Full name
Robbie Sterlini-Aitchison
25 November 1991
British (eligible to work in the UK and remotely)
Spoken languages
English (fluent), Italian (conversational), German (passing)

With agency work, projects are often taken in-house after our engagement ends – I can provide demos of my involvement in specific projects that may have changed since then. References are available on request.

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