Curriculum Vitae

Rob Sterlini

Get to know Rob

The elevator pitch

Hi I’m Rob, I’m a frontend developer from London with an agency background, known for creating digital experiences and web apps for enterprise clients, start-ups, and everything in between.

With a first-class degree in design and typography, I am particularly well suited to UI development with a focus on consistency and a strong UX.


A developer’s toolbelt requires constant updating, so I aim to stay abreast of changes in the industry and keep learning to be able to provide the most solutions most suited to the problem at hand. Below are a few that I use currently, but it’s should be viewed fluidly:

  • Core web languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • JS frameworks: Vue.js, React
  • Build tools: Webpack, Sass, PostCSS, Babel
  • SSG: Eleventy, Gatsby
  • CI/CD & collaboration: Git, Netlify, Travis CI, NPM
  • Software: Sketch, JIRA, Linear

Life experiences


In the six years at Fueled my role has evolved a lot. After joining as a web designer, I transitioned into a UI-focused developer, took on management responsibilities, and was instrumental in forming a web department. Most recently I have moved to a maker role centered around delivering the best solutions for our clients’ problems.

I’ve worked on high-profile projects like Apple where we built a gamified knowledge center to better inform employees when selling new devices; and bringing successful life-coaching to the web for Tony Robbins’ Robbins Research Institute. Other clients include Vanity Fair, Pinterest, and Omstars.

Since joining – and with particular focus in the last few years – I have led the development on all things In 2018 we tore everything down and set about building a component library in line with the new brand direction. Part of the challenge was convincing stakeholders of behind-the-scenes changes for a more stable code base including publishing it as a private NPM package for better consumption across multiple repositories.

  •  Lead Frontend Engineer
  •  Senior Frontend Developer
  •  Frontend Developer
  •  Web Designer

University of Reading

Throughout my degree I worked closely with the in-house design team, and upon graduating was offered a full-time role as the new digital designer tasked with overhauling the core information pages on

With a bit of project scope creep, I ended up being the sole designer and developer associated with a complete redesign and redevelopment of the main university pages concerned with attracting prospective students and improving current student experience.

  •  Digital Designer

Freelance design and development

While at university and since, I have taken on select freelance projects to finance my bike obsession! I’ve built agency web presences for Kickpush, rebranded sports personalities like Hotspur Related, and for a while ran a successful channel on YouTube centered around designing brand identities for famous content creators like KSI. There are also fun side projects – like my dad’s pizza recipe birthday microsite and a LEGO naming pointer – in the list below:

Outside work

A balanced life is important, and while I enjoy testing new develpment techniques in my evenings on occasion, you’re more likely to find me outside on my bike or running – I’ve been participating in triathlon since 2015. You can find out more about what I get up to on the homepage.

Higher education

In 2013 I graduated with a first-class honours in Typography & Graphic Communication (BA) from University of Reading.

A few extras

Full name
Robbie Sterlini-Aitchison
25 November 1991
British (eligible to work in the UK and remotely)
Spoken languages
English (fluent), Italian (semi-fluent), German (passing)

References and more information about projects are available on request.