Rob Sterlini

I’m a pug dad, typography geek, amateur triathlete, LEGO enthusiast, espresso snob, pastaiolo & web developer.

In life

I run a bit, cycle a lot, and swim just enough to call myself a triathlete, and as often as possible I head to the mountains to carve up the pistes.

Being half Italian is essentially my entire identity which means I value good food and drink. Freshly ground espresso, vino rosso, and hand-made pasta cooked al dente (pastaiolo is a loose translation of pasta maker) are a staple in our house; thankfully we have Frankie the pug on hand to deal with any grated cheese that might have missed the dish.

You’ll find me at my happiest building LEGO sets, raiding with my maxed main on OSRS, or rewatching the original Star Wars trilogy. I suffer through the highs and lows at White Hart Lane supporting my beloved Spurs.

As a developer

I’m an experienced front-end developer with a first-class degree in Typography & Graphic Communication and a product mindset, and have led projects across all three disciplines throughout my career.

Since 2021 I’ve been working to re-imagine home decisions at Zoopla as a Senior Software Engineer, specifically handling the journey for prospective sellers looking for the best estate agents as part of the Valuation Leads team.

Before that, I spent nearly eight years building web experiences at Fueled for the likes of Apple, Pinterest, Vanity Fair, and Tony Robbins.

On the side, I’ve worked with Kickpush to develop their digital presence, created a PSA to help folks with pluralising LEGO (it’s not legos), and for my Dad’s 60th birthday I brought his pizza recipe to the masses.

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