Rob Sterlini

Frontend developer, amateur triathlete, typography enthusiast, & LEGO master builder.

By day I am a Lead Frontend Engineer at Fueled. In the six years I have been at Fueled, I have led the development on projects for Apple, crafted digital experiences for global personalities like Tony Robbins, and developed innovative web presences for fledgling start-ups like Keetoo, and Omstars.

In 2018, I began spearheading the rebuild of underpinned by an extensible, consistent Vue.js component library that aligned with a brand refresh within the organisation.

You can find out more about my time at Fueled and before in my CV.

Away from the screen I like swimming, cycling, and running… occasionally one after the other. I’ve been participating in triathlon since 2015 and have one IM 70.3 under my belt with my sights firmly set on a full distance Ironman in 2021.

I’m pretty into LEGO – you might have heard me banging the LEGO not Legos drum on Twitter, where you’d also find me tweeting about my beloved Spurs.

When the season is right I love outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and recently scuba diving!

If you’re really curious, you can can delve a little deeper, or find out what I’m up to now.

Wanna say hi? Email me at or send me a tweet me at @robsterlini.

You can find my photos on Instagram, code on Github, training activities on Strava, experiments on Codepen, my employment history on LinkedIn.

I’ve been writing in my journal. Instagram is nothing but a highlight reel, posted on August 3, 2020; or peruse other recent entries.